måndag, september 08, 2008

Climate gossip and celebrity spotting

I don’t know why but I will try writing some post in English to se if there is any interest of what I have to say out there. Any way it will make it easier to once in a while contribute to the sceptic circle.

I wrote abut the sea level rise in an earlier post suggesting that new calculations showed that a 80cm increase by 2100 would be likely (depending on how the world handles the CO2 problem) and that 2 meters probably is an upper limit. However STOAT has some interesting posts up abut this issue pointing out that the assumptions made in the paper don’t cover all possibilities so you could argue that the increase will be less or more if you fell like it. Well, it probably is so but at least some one have tried to do the math and hasgiven us some numbers for what the dynamic processes involved could mean.

Since I went international the last time the blog have been linked a few times from abroad mostly discussing the methane situation but also Elli at Rabett Run have a reminiscent post abut the two official languages of science, English and Bad English. I think that everyone that’s been abroad to a scientific conference would recognise this. The Asians having trouble with the Rs and some of the South/Central Europeans just not being good enough. So sometimes it feels a bit like lotto whether the presentation you have chosen to listen to will be good or bad. And talking about other languages I just noticed a post on the blog translated to French using Google translation... the post being abut one of the strangest evangelicals in Sweden, Ulf Ekman, it’s a small world?

Elli also points to a new “climate” blog, Reality Check run by Werner Aeschbach Hertig professor of environmental physics, he starts by picking some strange climate delusion propaganda apart. Probably an interesting blog to follow in the future.

Oh, and yes... the celebrity spotting, when trying to cheer myself up last night I had a look at the dailyshow and noticed that Gavin Schmidt flashed by in one episode.

And BTW Real Climate has a nice piece on the difficulties on explaining global warming in a simple way at detail.

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