torsdag, mars 29, 2007

Feng Shui NSD part 2

Well the socialistic newspaper NSD have done it again, some time ago I tried to make the publisher of the newspaper aware of the problems with uncritical journalism about Feng Shui (in Swedish). It doesn’t look like I made it though because today they have a promo article about it in the “youth” section.

The article tells us that it’s important to decorate your home wisely so you don’t stop the elements energy. You know the usual bogus magical and imaginary stuff that feng shui experts usually talks about. It’s also stated that both science and art is needed to explain the elements invisible energy flows. Mhm, art is indeed needed to fool the bystander that this invisible not measurable thing effects their life, but the only thing science does to feng shui is making it’s magical effects disappear.

But the thing that I really can’t understand in the article is Agneta Ömans “feng shui consultant” comments that you should keep the strong extrovert colours out of the bedroom and put them in the living room where you “socialise”. Well I don’t know about Östman but I like a bit of socialising in my bedroom!

(This post is sent to the newspaper)

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Giles sa...

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